The South Bruce Grey Health Centre Kincardine Auxiliary’s May Awards and Dessert meeting was held on Wednesday, May 31, 2017.  Ginny Ross had the honour of  presenting this year’s awards.

Lois Hackett A Certificate of Appreciation and pin was given to Lois Hackett for an incredible 50 years as an Auxiliary member. Lois thanked everyone and expressed what a great experience it had been.  Liz Nurton then read a poem (shown below) she had written about Lois’s achievements and the Auxiliary activities beginning 50 years ago. Lois’s daughter Shelley Pollock attended this meeting and Lois mentioned that she had grown up going to the many Auxiliary events.

WOW .... for her 50 years with our Kincardine Auxiliary

I’d like to honour Lois and her service today


A friend and neighbour asked her to join
And the “rest is history” as they say .
In 1967 , there were only 20 members
But they were as busy as can be
They held bake sales, raffles and a fashion show
And with the affiliated Ripley Women’s Institute had a yearly tea.
The ladies organized a tartan day
With a cake wheel and games for the kids to play
And on May 12, they had a tea
to celebrate nurse’s Day.
They held dances at the Pavilion
And afterwards partied till the wee hours too
They collected Zehr’s tapes and sold geraniums
and had events like tag day that we still do.
The gift shop was much, much smaller then
And they took a cart to the room with items to sell.
They sold” I was born in Kincardine Hospital “baby t-shirts
And the New Year’s baby received a layette as well.
Now because the Auxiliary was so small
Lois became Social Convenor right off the bat.
She was the Secretary often and the President 3 times
But never Treasurer, she didn’t want to do that.
She was the Auxiliary representative on the Kincardine Hospital board
Then became the first woman member on that board among the men
Lois was also the Secretary Treasurer of the provincial Board region 3
And she and Mary Lou had some fun travelling then.
Lois has her many pins
To commemorate her work the 50 years through
A President’s pin and a past President’s pin
As well as an Outstanding Service pin too.
Lois received her Kincardine Auxiliary Life Membership pin in 1988
and her Provincial Auxiliary Life Membership Pin in 2001 -
But her special Appreciation awards came from her favourite Tories
Mike Harris and Lisa Thompson !!
 Now I probably haven’t mentioned everything
But THANKS Lois for all that you’ve done
50 years – what an achievement !
Congratulations from everyone !