In December 2016, a cheque in the amount of $50,000 was presented by the PECMH Auxiliary to the Hospital Foundation as part of our community's contribution to a newly refurbished MRI machine.  Local wait times for an MRI in the Quinte region rank as some of  the fastest in the province.  With a refurbished machine in place, Prince Edward County, residents will have access to timely and excellent quality diagnostic imaging.

The numbers are in! In 2016,  Prince Edward County Auxiliary volunteers gave 26,106 hours of their time to our various  fundraising pecmh1 endeavours.  A Herculean effort that translates into  modern medical equipment for our hospital along with scholarships and support for other health initiatives in the County. 26,106 hours translates into 14 people working full time throughout the  year.

As I'm sure many people know, a large part is played in small towns by people who put in hours of unpaid time working in various organizations as Volunteer help.  Without these good people many organizations would cease to exist. 

Keeping track of our Volunteer hours is a very important part of the Auxiliary organization and a large thank you goes to our statistical genius Janet Chandler for her work in this area.

This past year the PECMH Auxiliary held a very successful Volunteer Drive in September. By late February 2017, we welcomed 21 new people into our organization.  These community minded men and women are now working in one or more of our services.
The Festival of Trees was a very rewarding and delightful Auxiliary Fundraiser again this past November, with a record net of $35,485.00  To quote Liz Jones, President of the PECMH Auxiliary, “a huge thank you goes out to Jack and Cathy Starkey and all the many volunteers who make the Festival   of Trees such a success!  The event brings the entire community together as companies and individuals donate generously, attend and spend!”

To each and every one of the PECMH Auxiliary Volunteers a very big “thank you” for the tremendous effort they have made.~ Submitted by Elizabeth Smellie,  Director of Communications PECMH Auxiliary